The Narwhal Fire Escape Mask is a new and innovative product from The Netherlands to allow a person to safely evacuate a building in case of an emergency or to safely enter for rescue operations. The Mask has been tested to protect for a minimum of 15 minutes from fire smoke, and toxic gases.

The Mask is an atmospheric, air-purifying negative pressure, filtration device with a flame resistant hood. The product provides respiratory, head and eye protection to facilitate evacuation from hazardous fire and toxic gas atmospheres.

The Mask can be used for evacuation purposes of oneself or give people the opportunity to find and safe loved ones, like children or elderly/less mobile people. The Narwhal Escape Mask provides individuals with the protection needed to ensure their personal safety at offices, hotels, high rise buildings, homes, schools, factories, mines, airplanes, trains, ships etc. Besides the personal use the Mask can also be used by professionals for rescue activities. eg: Fire Departments, Police Officers and Safety Personnel.

In 80% of all cases, it is the smoke that kills people in a fire, not the fire itself.

Here is your chance to protect yourself from toxic smoke inhalation!